Taking care of myself doesn’t mean ME FIRST, it means ME TOO – L.R. Knosts

Taking care of our body, mind and soul is the most important thing we should do. And, ironically, it is something we often neglect to practice. We all have mental health so self-care isn’t only for the people suffering from mental illness. It is important for our well-being so that we can feel and be at our best.

Self-care can have outstanding effects on our self-esteem. With self-care comes self-awareness. It brings us the opportunity to branch out and try new things and ultimately affirms self-worth. It encourages self-improvement and thus has a positive effect on our overall mindset.

The fact is that we do not practice self-care as much as we need to. The lack of energy, time and the opinion that practicing self-care make us appear selfish are some of the reasons behind our failure to practice one.

Self-care is something we shouldn’t compromise on. It is essential to nurture our health and overall wellbeing. And self-care is just a way to do that.
Self-care matters!!!

Inspired by: Nicole Carman (Mental health blogger and advocate)


It’s okay not to be perfect. It’s okay to put ourselves first sometimes. We in today’s world extend too much love, attention and care to others that leave us lacking in love for ourselves. Most of the time, we’re being too hard on ourselves, sometimes driven by a desire to excel and do everything right and sometimes to please others.

But is it right to push ourselves every time just to prove the world, the society where almost everyone is judging us, though they aren’t perfect themselves. Take a break, take a deep breathe. Let us give some time to ourselves. Time to love ourselves, to know ourselves – this will help us recognize the full spectrum of our powers.

Now, many people mistakenly believe that self-love is same as having a big ego. No, it’s not. Self-love is having a high regard for our own happiness. It is caring for ourselves and not sacrificing our well-being to please others. When we love ourselves, we accept ourselves the way we are. We get that power, that energy to make ourselves happy, to accept our weaknesses and appreciate the short-comings. Loving ourselves is a practice of nourishing ourselves – physically, mentally, socially, and most important emotionally. Self-love brings a feeling of relief, happiness, recognition, mindfulness and positivity around us.

So, let us be kind to ourselves, give ourselves some time, accept our weaknesses, appreciate the short comings, and spread the positive energy within and around us. Let’s love ourselves.


What does complacency actually mean? What do we understand by being complacent?

A feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievement is what we call complacency. This can be considered an enemy of success, though we can cannot deny the fact that success is itself the source of complacency. Achieving success is hard, but remaining successful is harder. We as a person or as an organization work hard, struggle through hard times, meet challenges and fight all the battles on the way to reach the pinnacle of success. But the journey doesn’t ends here. This is the time to face our biggest and toughest challenge – Complacency.

Benjamin E. Mays, a minister and educator, said, “The tragedy of life is often not in our failure, but rather in our complacency; not in our doing too much, but rather in our doing too little; not in our living above our ability, but rather in our living below our capacities. Don’t look over your shoulder to see who’s coming; the real opposition lies with yourself.”

Complacency won’t let us criticize our achievement or accomplishments. We would keep on thinking that we are successful and hence we are right in all terms. And this is the stage where we start moving towards downfall. As an organization we should always keep on asking questions like who we are and why we are. This would lead us to keep on making continuous efforts. But apart from this we should accept the fact that we need someone to criticize us. Criticism is a negative word in itself but may have a very positive impact on us, if taken in an optimistic way. Critics or criticism helps us work harder and ameliorate ourselves. This would eventually lead to something better.
After getting successful, we often start thinking we are the best, and hence don’t feel the urge of criticism. Gradually, we become complacent. This feeling of complacency arises from our success and we start taking it for granted. We lose focus and forget that the world around us is changing and ultimately fail to learn. Some of us start ignoring one of our most valuable assets – customers.

Being complacent would kill our business sooner or later. We need to know that complacency is a silent killer that would not even let us know when and how it took our business from the highest to the ground. Keeping this away from ourselves would help us in remaining successful. Wherever, we find success we’ll find complacency. But we have the ability to control our situation through our will and desire. It takes too much to become successful, why bring ourselves down. The three most important ways that can help us remain away from this feeling are – Innovation, Customer engagement and Criticism.

Keep innovating, it is not a single day process, rather a day-in and day-out movement. Be idealistic and keep trying something new. This would help in thinking more practically and would develop a feeling of hard work, despite being successful. Second comes the customer engagement. We cannot forget that whatever we are, most of the credit goes to our customers. Therefore, closely engaging with our customers is very essential. Think of them and work while keeping the customer value in mind. Last but not the least, criticism. We should let people criticize us, rather we should call someone to criticize us or our business. Taking criticism positively would have a fruitful, enriching and constructive effect on us. New ideas and viewpoint may come up and would help us become better for sure.

So, now we know we are being complacent when we avoid criticism and make ourselves satisfied with what we are. Complacency is a threat to both our professional and personal life. The main source of this is our success and the most endangered by this is our business and we ourselves. Keep innovating and welcome critics and their viewpoints. This would only bring good in us.